STCVS provides quality services to the local community...

What is a Council for Voluntary Service?

A Council for Voluntary Service (STCVS) is an organisation set up to support, develop and promote local voluntary action. They are often referred to as ‘umbrella’ or ‘infrastructure’ bodies or Local Development Agencies (LDA’s).

The broad aims of the organisation would be to:

  • Strengthen the voluntary sector
  • Help to avoid unnecessary duplication
  • Encourage innovation, self help and consolidation
  • Provide central resources of a character which groups individually would be unable to justify
  • Examine the need for a standing mechanism (i.e. a Council for Voluntary Service)

The proposed organisation would assist voluntary organisations and community groups in South Tyneside by:

  • Providing advice and practical assistance
  • Establishing an information service
  • Researching needs and stimulating responses
  • Enabling statutory bodies to make and maintain links with the sector
  • Specifically helping fragile and emergent groups by linking them to the most appropriate sources of help


Mission Statement

STCVS exists to provide a range of services and resources to support the development of an effective and efficient voluntary sector and to liaise with voluntary, statutory and private sector bodies to encourage inter-agency networks to ensure the provision of co-ordinated, quality services to the local community.