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Latest Volunteering Roles in Health and Social Care

Age UK South Tyneside – Activities Assistant

We require someone to provide support and assistance at physical activity classes for the elderly throughout South Tyneside. Tasks may include welcoming people to the exercise sessions and assisting in the delivery of physical activity sessions.

Age UK South Tyneside – Befriender

Volunteers are needed to befriend isolated older people and provide companionship and support. This will involve visiting an older person in their own home on a regular basis and providing company to help alleviate isolation.

Age UK South Tyneside – Home from Hospital Support Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to support an older person on returning home from hospital and help them overcome the practical and emotional problems faced on discharge and moving back into their home.

Age UK South Tyneside – Wellbeing Champion

Wellbeing Champions raise awareness of health and healthy choices amongst the elderly and create supportive networks and environments. They empower/motivate older people to get involved in healthy social activities and signpost them to relevant services.

Arthritis Care (South Shields Branch) – General Helper

We are looking for volunteers to help organise and run the various activities and events within our social club and also provide support on our outdoor day trips and at local events.

Carers Association in South Tyneside (CAST) – Volunteer Befriender

We need volunteers to help us offer the Befriending Sitting Service which provides full-time carers with the opportunity to take time out from their caring role by providing a Volunteer Befriender who will sit with the person they care for about an hour or two and allow the carer a respite.

CSV – Volunteers Supporting Families Project

CSV’s Volunteers Supporting Families project matches trained volunteers with families where at least one child is at risk of abuse or neglect or where families are not yet involved in social care but need extra support. Volunteers visit the family they are matched with regularly for a minimum of six months and provide support by listening, advising and offering practical help (such as helping to organise bedtime routines or accessing local community resources).

Healthwatch South Tyneside – Enter and View Volunteer

We require volunteers who in groups of two can visit hospitals, care homes and GPs within South Tyneside and act as authorised representatives to gather information concerning the quality of service provided.

Healthwatch South Tyneside – Event Support

We are looking for volunteers to help support us at local events and promote the work that we do. This could involve helping to run a stall, handing out information leaflets and informing members of the general public about Healthwatch.

NERAF – Group Facilitator

NERAF is an independent charity established to help transform people’s lives by helping them gain recovery from substance misuse. We are looking for volunteers who can support our Recovery Coach in delivering group meetings where clients can meet other people going through similar things to themselves and receive positive advice and support.

NERAF – Volunteer Advocate

NERAF is an independent charity established to help transform people’s lives by helping them gain recovery from substance misuse. We are looking for Volunteer Advocates who can work with our clients on a one to one basis and help them to achieve their goals and deal with any difficult situations that they may be facing. This role will involve meeting the client regularly, listening to their needs, offering them advice and helping them to access any services that they may need.

Quarriers Foxden Project – Residential Childcare Volunteer

Quarriers Foxden Project provides a short break service for children and young people aged 7 to 18+ who have physical / learning disabilities. We are looking for volunteers to help us deliver our service and interact with/support the children in our care.

Sight Service – My Guide Volunteers

Sight Service is working in partnership with Guide Dogs to deliver a service called My Guide to help blind and partially sighted people get out into the community and experience things that sighted people take for granted. We need volunteers who for 2-3 hours a week can visit a blind/partially sighted person and encourage them to go out into the community and get involved in different activities.

Sight Service – Volunteer Befriender

We are looking for volunteers in South Tyneside and Gateshead who can visit blind or partially sighted people in their homes and spend a few hours with them. Volunteers may be required to read to people, go out shopping, or just have a chat with someone who will value your company.

South Tyneside Hospital Volunteer – Hospital Support Volunteer

South Tyneside Foundation Trust and South Tyneside CVS Volunteer Centre are working in partnership to create new and exciting volunteering opportunities at South Tyneside District Hospital. We are looking for volunteers who can provide non direct care to elderly or vulnerable patients within the hospital and help create a calm, caring and comfortable ward environment.

Stroke Association – Communication Support Volunteers

Communication Support Volunteers provide assistance to people in South Shields following a stroke. This can be within a group, on a one-to-one basis in their homes or in support meetings under the direction of a Communication Support Co-ordinator.

St. Clare’s Hospice – Befriender

Volunteers are needed for our Hospice Befriending Service which will provide a supportive and confidential visiting service for adults living with a life limiting illness in South Tyneside. Volunteer befrienders will visit patients either in the Hospice itself or within the patient’s home and provide them with company and conversation.

Your Voice Counts – Citizen Advocate

This role involves supporting a person with a learning disability on a one to one basis and assisting them (over a long term period of time) in speaking up for themselves and in being a part of the local community. The advocate with meet with the adult with a disability on a regular basis (usually 2-3 hours a week), talk to them about any difficulties that they may be experiencing and offer advice/information when it is needed.

Your Voice Counts – Helpfirst Drop-in

Your Voice Counts offers a drop-in service for adults with learning disabilities in Gateshead (they are also hoping in the future to offer a similar service in South Tyneside) where they can receive advice and support with regards to any problems/difficult situations that they may be facing. Volunteers are needed to help support this service – tasks could include welcoming adults with disabilities when they arrive, making them a cup of tea or coffee and talking to them about any concerns or questions that they may have (this can also lead to more in depth support such as helping them to fill out various forms or making telephone calls on their behalf among other things).

Your Voice Counts – Travel Buddy

W e are looking for volunteers who can assist adults with learning disabilities with travelling throughout the North East. This would involve identifying where they need to go and the easiest way for them to get there. Volunteers will research local travel networks and support the adult with learning disabilities in accessing them (eg. informing them of which bus/metro would be most suitable, ensuring they have money for travelling and accompanying them to their destination).

Your Voice Counts – Weekend Support

We want to work with volunteers who can give one or two Saturdays a month to support a group of people with learning disabilities to go out, become more involved in their local community and try new things. Volunteers will identify local activities or events that the adults with disabilities may be interested in and will support them in accessing them.

For further information on any of these roles or to apply please contact the South Tyneside Volunteer Centre on 0191 456 9551 or via iancarr@stcvs.org.uk.