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Funding Advice

Fund raising checklist

Fund raising can be a lengthy and time consuming process and considerable thought needs to go into the applications you will make to maximise your chances of success.

Your application will be competing with many others; why should the donor select your over the others? Here are some prompts to help clarify your thoughts.

In no more than two sentences,

What is the purpose of your organisation?
What is the legal status of your organisation?
What is the nature of the problem/ need you are trying to address?
What evidence do you have that this is a real need rather than a perceived one?
Why is your organisation best placed/the most appropriate to address the problem?
How will you tackle the problem and who will you involve?
How much will the project cost in total and how much are you seeking from the funder?
Where will the rest of the money come from?
How will the funding be managed/accounted for?
How will you monitor the project and what will success look like?
Have you had any other successful projects in the past?
Is this a time limited project? If so, what will the long term benefits be? If not, where will future funding come from?
Have you applied elsewhere for funding for this project/service and what was the result?

South Tyneside CVS can provide funding advice free of charge to organisations and groups based in South Tyneside. In addition, we organise occasional ‘meet the funder’ events and funding advice surgeries. In order to make the most of the time available, please ensure you can answer the following questions before you arrive for your appointment and that you bring copies of relevant documents. What is the legal status of your organisation (e.g. registered charity, non-registered community group) and how long has it been running? Do you have a constitution? When was it last reviewed? Do you have a bank account in the name of the organisation? How many signatories are there to the account? Who can authorise expenditure? Do you have a recent set of independently examined accounts? Do you have a Committee? How many people are on it? How often do you meet? Do you take minutes of your committee meetings? What are the aims/objectives of your organisation? How many staff/volunteers do you have? What area or part of an area does your organisation work in? Do you have a budget for the proposal/project?

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